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Punching department


In view of the increasingly growing market demand for manufacturing of complex parts with low production costs, the company acquired a unique punching formation.



The plant's punching department uses CNC technology and is equipped with Trumpf punching machines.


Among some of its advantages:



  • It is of the fastest and most precise among similar machines in the country capable of automatically loading and unloading metal sheets.
  • It can punch through up to 6.35 mm of steel, aluminum and stainless.
  • It can punch metal sheets of up to 1,250 by 3,000mm.
  • It is capable of executing parts with a unconventional roll contour cutting.
  • It can perform protrusions, threading and bending up to 25 mm. 
  • All the stations along the machine can be fully rotated with a 360 degree index up to 190 tools.
  • This formation can flexibly manufacture from small up to large batches.
  • It supports short and quick setup phases.
  • All these capabilities allow execution of integrated parts for low production costs.


M. Barzilay

Mechanical Engineering

and Production