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Mechanical assembling department


We offer our customers an advanced assembling department where systems and sub-systems design and production projects are carried out by the customer's requirements.  The assemblies can be made in the turn-key format, including integration of sub-systems into larger technology embedded systems.  We provide assembly services for the various systems we manufacture in our plant.



  • The department employs some of the best tradesmen (structural engineers, electronic technicians and mechanical assembly experts) with excellent technical skills and capability to handle any product, using advanced instruments.
  • The plant holds an assembly area that allows to provide a solution for any assembly type.
  • We have peripheral equipment to help with the assemblies.
  • The department holds specialized equipment and tools for carrying out any type of mechanical assembly work.
  • The department executes complex projects for the aerospace and defense industries and complex mechanical assemblies for a variety of industries: cabinets, antennas, etc. The department works with a wide variety of customers.
  • Complex mechanical assemblies, integrating numerous technologies such as metal sheets, machining, electricity, hydraulics, piping, etc.
  • Electromechanical assembling.


M. Barzilay

Mechanical Engineering

and Production