Mordechai Barzilay (chairman of the board)


He was born in 1939, migrated to Israel in 1950 and founded the company in 1967.



Mr. Barzilay is an industry leader with extensive knowledge in sheet metal processing, mechanical assemblies and aircraft (fuselage) construction.

He is still actively working for the company.


David Barzilay (Co-CEO)


He was born in 1966.

He is a retired Army Colonel after service in the Telecommunication Corps and is in office in the company since 2011.


He took an executive management course and is in charge of the the company's marketing and business development.


Efraim Barzilay (Co-CEO)


He was born in 1969.

He in office in the company since 1992.

Being a Mechanical Engineering graduate, he holds extensive technical and engineering expertise in electronic packaging, machining and mechanical assemblies.


Guy Barzilay (Engineering VP)


He was born in 1980.

He in office in the company since 2013.

He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion university and is in charge of the development in the company's Engineering department.


He holds extensive knowledge in mechanical design and manufactuiring engineering with experience in electronic packaging, ranging from PCBs to whole communication rooms.

In the past, for 7 years, he held a variety of defence industry positions.


M. Barzilay

Mechanical Engineering

and Production